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5 Surprising Facts About Pornography

The mainstream porn industry is a place of extremes, and this can make it hard to have a frank discussion about the function it plays within society. In fact, there is so much media scaremongering surrounding porn that it is easy to forget its purpose – to entertain, titillate, and arouse. Here are 5 facts about porn which might surprise you.

1. MILF is the most frequently searched porn term on the internet

Well, quite what this says about human beings is unclear. Okay, perhaps it is clear, but it feels safer not to dig too deep. Our western obsession with hot moms who are down to bang dominates search engines, and it seems like we just can’t get enough of that busty Mrs. Robinson.

2. Studies have shown that when men watch porn, they focus on the eyes

It might come as a shock, but studies have shown that men who watch pornography concentrate on the eyes of female performers, rather than their body parts. In fact, when you think about how much work is put into making it look like female stars are having an orgasm, it seems clear that men do care about the identity of performers.

3. Conducting research into the impact of porn on relationships is almost impossible

It is difficult for scientists to conduct research on the impact of porn on relationships, because it is near impossible to find a control group of men who have never watched it. This means that, despite endless headlines condemning the destructive influence of pornography on communications between men and women, we don’t really know whether it has any impact at all.

4. In Australia, porn featuring women with A-cups or smaller is illegal

In 2010, Australia banned pornography featuring performers with small breasts, in a bid to tackle the dissemination of child pornography. Yes, they really did do it – and the rest of the world was outraged. The law is discriminatory to naturally slender women, who have small breasts. In essence, it suggests that these women are somehow inherently unfeminine and immature.

5. There are 4.2 million pornographic websites in the US alone

In 2002, there were approximately 70,000 porn websites on the internet. In 2014, that figure was recorded as standing at around 4.2 million, and that’s in America alone. The statistics don’t lie – more and more people are creating porn, and more of us are choosing to consume it than ever before.

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