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Sexy vs Raunchy

We are certainly getting a lot of Americans working here in London at the moment. It seems to me that they have a totally different take om dating, says Ruby from Barbican escorts http://cityofeve.com/barbican-escorts. We have a lot of American gents dating in London at the moment, and the girls at our agency are finding it quite tough to cater for them. In fact, we seem to be speaking to different languages, says Ruby. They talk about raunchy escorts and we talk about sexy escorts. It took me ages to figure out what they meant by raunchy, and it took them a long time to figure out what we meant by sexy.

To be honest, says Ruby, it wasn’t until I came across a couple of web sites in Las Vegas, that i finally figured out what they meant by raunchy escorts. I think that if Barbican escorts posed like that on their publicity shots, our boss here at the agency would have a complete fit. There is no way he would allow that, and he would not allow the About Me pages to look like that neither. It came as quite a shock actually, and I don’t know what to say.

I am not sure that the Las Vegas style of dating would be my kind of thing. Most gents who date Barbican escorts would probably not be into that sort of style of dating. I don’t think they would be put off. They would look at the photos, but I don’t think they would call to arrange a date. When I mean put off, I mean not turned on. They would get turned on, but I still don’t think they would want to date that sort of girl. The gents who use our agency like sexy, but not like that.

Here in the UK, we are governed by rather a lot of strict rules when it comes to escorting. I don’t think it is a bad idea. It protects the girls a lot, and at the same time it gives the industry a different “feel” if you know what I mean. The Barbican escorts have to be rather sophisticated and do actually do more than have fun behind closed doors. We go out on dinner dates, and even meet business men for drinks. There is no way I would go on a date in old jeans.

Do I enjoy working for Barbican escorts? I love working for Barbican escort agency that I work. The truth is that I have some really nice regulars and I love the way gents are with us girls here at the agency. As a matter of fact, I know that the front desk girls have turned away some American gents. They haven’t been sure what they meant, and if they were going to treat the girls right. The boss is strict as well, and all dates are vetted at the agency, says Ruby. I think that I would rather be a sexy escort than a raunchy escorts, she smiles.