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Surprising facts about porn

A lot of people are very quick to run down porn promoters and porn movies but the fact is that porn makes a lot of money. Hertfordshire escorts agencies like http://charlotteaction.org/hertfordshire-escorts are not exactly in the porn industry but sometimes they do employ escorts who used to be porn stars. This means that some Hertfordshire escorts agencies know a little bit about the porn industry. It can’t be helped, some of the most stunning girls do work in the porn industry and why shouldn’t escorts agencies in Hertfordshire recruit from porn industry. After all working as a London escort is a very desirable job for some former porn stars.

In the United States, the porn industry generates about $15 billion dollars every year. That is a lot of money and a lot of it comes from the sale of magazine and porn movies. According to sources from  escorts agencies, it is really difficult to put a figure on the value of the UK porn industry. An owner from one of a leading Hertfordshire escorts agency says that the UK does not have any tax codes for porn and escorting, so the income the industry generates cannot be calculated. He says it is a bit of a shame as he believes the UK porn industry generates a lot of money.

So, how could we change things? First of all Hertfordshire escorts bosses believe that the porn industry in the UK should have its own tax code. Joe, the owner of a hertfordshire escorts agency, says that it is silly that in this day and age the industry does not have its own tax code. He also thinks that escorts agencies should have their own tax codes so you can clearly see how much money the industry generates. At the moment there is now way to ascertain the income of the two industries.

Many Hertfordshire escorts agencies owners have for a long time fought for the right of better recognition of the industry. Joe says it is a bit like fighting for workers’ rights. The main difference is that this time it is not the miners, it is the London escorts. If the industry as a whole was given a bit more credit perhaps it would be seen in a different light by the general public. As it stands, it is often seen as a second right industry but this simply isn’t true.

It sounds like Hertfordshire escorts agency bosses are prepared to fight for workers’ right so why isn’t the government? At the end of the day the government is taxing the industry so why shouldn’t it have its own tax code. It seems that the government in White Hall is very reluctant in acknowledging the existence of the UK porn industry and the Hertfordshire escorts service. I am not so sure why this is but both industries do after all generate money for the government. Perhaps it is about time the government took another look at things and finally acknowledged that the UK has both a porn and a Hertfordshire escorts service.