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Ladies who Lunch

I am not sure that I am ever going to fit in my husband’s world. His social life and that of his friends is totally different from mine. When I worked for London escorts, I used to go out for a drink and I used to be happy with that, but since I left, and became a housewife, things have changed beyond recognition. Sure, my husband knows all about me. After all, we met on a London escorts date and then became lovers. But, since I moved in with him and we got married, you can say that I have gone through a bit of a baptism of fire. It has not been easy. 


The ladies who are now my friends, are the sort of posh ladies you see enjoying lunch in nice restaurants in London. That is not a problem, but I am not sure what I would do if they found out about my London escorts passed. I am trying as hard as I can to make sure that I stay on track and remember what I call my cover story. So far, my rags to riches story seems to work, but this world is a million miles away from London escorts. 

[Text Wrapping Break]What do these ladies do? Most of them seem to think that life is all about going out to lunch and going shopping. It is okay, but it is not something that I can do every day. When I worked for London escorts, I had lots of things on my plate and could always fill my day. Now I feel out of place. There are days when I wish that I could go back to London escorts for a couple of days per week. At least it would give me something to do besides lunch and shopping. 


These ladies are also fiercely competitive. They always brag about what they have bought and how much they paid for their new designer handbag. It is just still if you ask me. I would much rather be in the gym with my friends from London escorts. After the gym, we could go out and have a few drinks and a bit of a gossip. It was so much and I really do miss those days when I stop and think about it.

Will I ever fit in? I am not sure that I will ever fit in. The other day I was out shopping when I bumped into one of my old friends from London escorts. We ended up sharing a couple of glasses of wine, I had never had so much fun in ages. I loved every moment of it, and it felt good to be out with someone that I could just be myself with and not have to worry about putting on airs and graces. Have I made a wrong move? I am not sure, but I have to say that I am not sure that I am ever going to fit in and become a lady who lunches.  

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Honest sex education

Is there such a thing as honest sex education? The truth is that it isn’t only young people who need sex education. Adults do as well, and I am sure that they know it, says Sue from London escorts. I am not sure if doctors are the best educators, they sort of seem to lecture people a lot and I don’t think that works. Before I joined London escorts, I had sex education in school, but I am not sure that it really benefited me. I feel that I have learned a lot more since I started to work, and read up about it myself.

Lots of seniors do need sex education as well, and we seem to forget about them. My mom is divorced for the second time, and I do know that she has a boyfriend. I was talking to my girlfriends at London escorts, and I hope that she practices safe sex. Honestly, I am toying with the idea of giving my mom the sex talk, but I am not so sure how that would go down. Also, she doesn’t know that I work for London escorts, and I would feel a bit awkward about talking sex with my mom.

But then again, like my friends at London escorts said, you have to take some sort of responsibility for your parents, but the truth is that it is easier said than done. I would love to think that we could all do that, but like many London escorts say, how do you actually do that? If, you dad is divorced from your mum, do you go and buy him a packet of condom and tell him to use them. My dad would probably be okay about it, but luckily for me, he is in a good second marriage with his lovely wife.

My dad and his wife are really nice people, and I can talk to them about everything. I have not told my dad that I work for London escorts, but I have told my step mum. She is okay about it, and just told me to look after myself. In many ways, I am closer to her than I am to my mom. We just talk all of the time, and sex does come up. She is actually Swedish, so she is really open minded about sex and stuff, and I think it helps. I have started to really appreciate her, and I am glad that we have that sort of relationship, somebody in the family must know that I work for London escorts http://charlotteaction.org.

Sex education does not seem to be important in this country but it is actually important to everybody. We need to know how to enjoy sex, and be safe. It has surprised me how open minded my step mom is, and she talks about it in natural way. I wish we could all do that, but for most people it seems to be difficult. She is 50 years old this year, and she aims to enjoy herself in bed for the rest of her life she says. Good for her I say!